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Author Topic: The Value of an Internship versus a Job  (Read 418 times)


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The Value of an Internship versus a Job
« on: February 05, 2014, 04:25:11 PM »
When you?re faced with the decision of taking a paying job over an unpaid internship in your field, it is worth considering whether the short?term paycheck will be more important than the long?term investment that interning can provide. While some internships are paid, many are not, which might lead a person into feeling as if the internship would be of no value because they would have nothing in their bank account to show for it. However, a college job is usually taken for just a short or fixed amount of time while an internship is more of a long term investment in your future which could lead to a permanent and exciting full?time career.

A part?time job done well could certainly lead to a promotion, but internships hold certain advantages that you just won?t find in regular employment. Before deciding on taking a short?term job or promotion, consider these long?term advantages of internships and which would be in your best interest.