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Author Topic: When is it Safe to Look For a Job  (Read 174 times)

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When is it Safe to Look For a Job
« on: April 18, 2017, 09:02:40 PM »
When is it Safe to Look For a Job

The job market has been so rough over the last 2 years that people are wondering – “Have things started getting better?  Is it safe to start looking for a job?”

The answer is…..if you are marketable in your industry, then it’s a good time to investigate what the job market has to offer.

According to an article by CNNMoney “The U.S. economy gained more jobs in March than any other month in the last three years - The Labor Department said the economy gained 162,000 jobs in the month.”

The article goes on to say that “perhaps the most encouraging sign in the report was that the gains were spread across various sectors of the economy -- 60% of industries added jobs -- the most widespread gains seen across the economy in four years…Construction added 15,000 jobs, the first increase of any kind in the sector since June 2007. Manufacturing also added 17,000, with 2,500 of that gain coming at auto plants and their parts suppliers.”

So while there are signs that companies are starting to hire, the trick is knowing whether or not you are marketable.  Companies are still being cautious with their hiring so people seeking career transitions, or those with less experience are still having a tough time.   According to the Miami Herald “nearly 1.3 million workers ages 16 to 24 have left the labor force since the recession hit in December 2007. That's about 6 percent of them, and it's nearly 31/2 times the exodus rate of workers ages 25 to 54.”  The article goes on to say “With a jobless rate of 18.5 percent for 16- to 24-year-olds, some have gone back to school, some are volunteering, some are joining the military and some are just chilling at home until the economy heats up again.”

If you are experienced professional with a few years of progressive career development under your belt, chances are you will be of interest to a hiring company.

For personalized help knowing how marketable you are, you can talk to a recruiter specializing in your industry, or you can look at the job postings and see if the qualifications that companies are seeking are on your resume.  If they are not, take this time to work on getting those new skills that would make you more desirable in the job market.  Ask for greater responsibility at work, take a class, or learn a new skill.  If you already have the qualifications companies are looking for, you could be in a good position to make a job change – and there definitely are companies that are hiring.

In a recent survey of job candidates visiting asking how long they have been unemployed, over 30% of the respondents reported that they were not unemployed.  This is a dramatic shift from a year ago when most job seekers were unemployed and those people who had a job were just trying to hold on to it.  After being overworked in some cases for the last 2 years from covering job responsibilities of fellow employees who were let go, many American workers are feeing burnt out and ready to start advancing their careers.

The good news for those people is that there is optimism from economists. “The economy is growing again, with a 2.5 to 3 percent increase in gross domestic product expected this quarter, on top of 5.6 percent growth in the fourth quarter of 2009”, said an article in the Kansas City Star.  It also reported that a survey “by the Society for Human Resource Management, found that 62 percent of its members currently were hiring full-time staff.”  That’s a significant number and if it keeps up, job seekers will start seeing those effects in the overall job market.

Ron Herzog, CEO & President of FPC said “While there is still cause for caution, there is definitely room for optimism in the job market right now.  Many employed professionals are ready for a transition and companies are interested in seeing strong candidates who can bring a lot to the company.  Many of our recruiters in our over 65 offices around the country are reporting greater job activity.  Companies are being very specific about their requirements, but they are definitely hiring and that is good news for candidates.”

How FPC Can Help
Talk to your FPC recruiter to determine your marketability in your field.  They can advise you whether your experience and background encompasses what their clients are requesting in their new hires.  They can educate you on what skills you need to acquire and develop to compete in the job market.  Find an FPC recruiter

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