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Author Topic: Structure of advertisements  (Read 120 times)

Reyed Mia (Apprentice, DIU)

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Structure of advertisements
« on: April 19, 2017, 06:51:51 PM »
Structure of advertisements

Before you begin creating your first advertisement using power editor, let's talk about how Facebook will organize these ads. Facebook organizes advertisements into three levels: the Campaign, Ad Sets and then the Ads themselves. And the structure makes it easy for you to organize, optimize and measure the performance of your ads. So, at the very top we have the campaign, and this is essentially our objective. For example, we may have a campaign to drive clicks to a website, or a campaign to increase likes of your Facebook page. Within the campaign we have the ad set.

A campaign can feature multiple ad sets, and each ad set can have its own budget You might use an ad set to target different audiences. For example, you could create an ad set to target people who live locally, and within that ad set you can have multiple advertisements. All the advertisements will inherit the targeting from the ad set and the objective from the campaign. You can have multiple ads in an ad set and then using Add to control things like the image, the link or even the message you're sharing.

Let's walk through a scenario that provides some additional context. Let's say that my company H + Sport has a new sport strength and it's ready to sell. I might have a few different objectives. The first is to drive traffic to my website, that's to sell the beverage directly. The second is to increase brand awareness so that when someone sees H + drink at the market they'll be more likely to purchase it. And the third is to promote a special coupon for a discount at a local retailer. So, I would create a campaign for each objective.

Then I'd create an ad set for each audience. For instance, if we look at the campaign to drive traffic to the website, I might create an ad set for current customers, say, from an Email list, And then another for people who are in the community and like to play sports. Then I'll create the actual advertisements in each set and will be custom to the audience. I might try a few images to see which ads work the best. Maybe use a logo in one and a photo of the beverage in another.

I could run both of those ads side by side to see which one performs better. Understanding how Facebook structures its ads will make it easier for you using Advertiser and help you evaluate your performance and optimize campaigns. Now, head to Power Editor and take a look at how some of your ads and campaigns are appearing on the dashboard.
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