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Author Topic: Growth hacking vs. growth system  (Read 133 times)

Reyed Mia (Apprentice, DIU)

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Growth hacking vs. growth system
« on: April 20, 2017, 09:00:29 AM »
Growth hacking vs. growth system

- One of the hottest terms going right now is this idea of growth hacking, and I want to give it a little context in relation to this growth system we've been talking about. The idea behind growth hacking is that you find some little tactic or some little way to grow a list or grow a campaign, or get exposure, that was maybe a little bit under the table or a little bit different than what other people are doing. And honestly, I have no problem with that. There are lots of companies that have done some one little thing that just really tipped the scales in their favor and allowed them to grow.

But what I want to talk about is using that idea inside of a systematic, repeatable, consistent system so that we maybe take these ideas of experiments or projects or what you might call growth hacks, and we kinda organize them around a way that allows them to clearly serve your objectives for the business. So we have to think in terms of them not as one-off little ideas of the week, but as a way to identify potential opportunities or hacks or tactics, whatever we want to call them, but put them in an order and put them in a priority, and analyze them and measure them, not around just growth for growth's sake, but growth to drive objectives.
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