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Author Topic: Details about Packaging  (Read 115 times)

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Details about Packaging
« on: April 21, 2017, 11:15:55 AM »
Details about Packaging
Packaging is a method used to protect the product from external factors during transportation or storage. Depending of the nature of product, the packaging can differ.

At the same time, packaging creates a first impression on the consumer so it should be designed accordingly.

Characteristics of Packaging
The characteristics or different features of packaging can be listed as follows −

Attractive packaging

Identity of product


Sustainability of product

Looks genuine

Reveals image of brand

Packaging gives an overview of the product so these characteristics should be considered during the design of packaging.

AIDAS Formula
AIDAS theory is a very popular marketing technique. It states that a consumer goes ssthrough the following five stages before showing satisfaction for a product.

A − Attention

I − Interest

D − Desire

A − Action

S − Satisfaction

These stages are to be evaluated and kept in perspective during the packaging design of the product.

Packaging Strategies
The design of packaging can provide an advantage in the market over similar category product. The following are the different strategies for effective packaging −

Packaging of product line

Multiple packaging

Changing the package

Proper execution of packaging strategies can increase the attractiveness and durability of the product.

Labeling is the process of marking an identity on the product. The information used for labeling contains the following details −

#Name and address of the manufacturer

#Name and address of the distributer

#Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of the product

#Manufacturing date of the product

#The method used to manufacture

#Ingredients used

#Precaution details


#Expiry date

The information provided in labeling is important because of various reasons like tracing the origin of the product, genuinity of product, etc.

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