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Author Topic: What Your App Can Do  (Read 750 times)


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What Your App Can Do
« on: April 23, 2017, 12:26:35 AM »
What Your App Can Do

The basic functions of a mobile app aren’t anything unusual, and they mirror a lot of things websites can do, just in a streamlined way — providing a storefront, information about your business, content, etc.
These aren’t unique features by any stretch, just the basics that any business app will do. What you want is something that’s going to drive interest, and create sales where there otherwise wouldn’t have been.

Digital coupons are a good start for this. These are exactly what they sound like. They’re coupons, special offers that compel people to buy something from you, delivered directly to a user’s mobile device. However, there is a huge advantage to app-delivered digital coupons over physical ones.

First off, physical coupons are something you have to spend money on printing and distributing. Then, once you do get them sent out, they tend to be circulated to a huge percentage of people who will deposit them directly into the nearest trash can.
Now, contrast this to a digital coupon strategy. If you’re distributing your coupons directly through your app, not only does it cost you nothing to print and distribute them, but you also have a captive audience. These coupons are going directly to the people who have shown enough interest in your business to download your app. That translates to a much higher conversion rate.

Of course, people are going to have plenty of apps installed on their phones. How do you make them notice yours?
Push alerts are an option, where you can send a pop-up notification to the user’s phone, but they must be used sparingly. Send them out occasionally, when you have an offer or announcement that’s critical. Otherwise, they may block the notifications, or worse, uninstall the app entirely.

You can also use a relatively new location-based technology called geofencing. This will allow you to send a custom-tailored message to people with your app within a certain distance from your actual business location.
For retail businesses, this can be a digital coupon or a special offer that is only available in-store. For restaurants, it can advertise the day’s special menu. Whatever your kind of business, you can use geofencing to give people that last push to get them in the door and ready to buy.